"You cannot teach anybody anything. You can only help them discover it within themselves."


Our Mission

Our Mission is to inspire creativity, inner harmony, and  curiosity as the main drives to natural self-development of the child allowing one to fulfill one's potential.

Our Vision

We witness how the current degree of urbanization and globalization is taking away the Mother-Nature from the very being (and, naturally, the learning) of our children. We believe it is the great loss! Many researches refer to so called Nature Deficit Disorder, which was first elaborated by Richard Louv inspiring for No Child Left Inside movement.

Significantly, and on many levels, a woodland or a green outdoor setting is central in reconnecting children with our ever changing environment, while creating a base of knowledge surrounding the importance of community and sustainability. The first of its kind in the Belgium, Brussels Outdoor School meets children's needs for self-esteem, leadership skills, and environmental stewardship, while enhancing each child's connection to their natural environment and meeting a community need for alternative school options.

In Bessonova Outdoor Immersion School, we strongly believe that children learn most effectively through free play experiences. This is about creating interactions with people and the places where they play, learning to care for nature and the world in which we live. When children experience a sense of enjoyment during the learning-playing activities and they establish this connection of feelings, that's when we achieve a very important step. Which is to inspire curiosity and creativity. It inquiries in and outside the classroom and in doing so is to build a strong motivation and to nurture a feeling of a life-long love of learning, not to mention the development of gross and fine motor skills, enhancing their physical health, and mental empowerment.

What is more important, it is the Nature alone that can provide the space for developing inner harmony, ability to listen to oneself, to reflect on one's feelings and accept them, as well as to care and become responsible.