Play-based learning 
We believe that children should be allowed to develop at their own pace and to the fullest of their ability. We believe that by having choice in play, they learn and grow in their own unique way. This develops important skills that lay the foundations for reading, writing and mathematics, problem-solving and decision-making, social and emotional growth and many other skills needed throughout their lives.
Environmental Sustainability 
We believe that it is our responsibility to care for and protect our environment. We believe that this desire to preserve our natural spaces begins by developing our innate curiosities and nurturing our bodies by spending as much time outside as possible. Our aim is to create a learning environment that captivates little minds without overwhelming or over stimulating them.
21 century skills

We are inspired by the set of “21 century skills” announced by 4 international fora to ensure that the children acquired the envisaged vital competences and skills throughout their educational path. Our core reference is the skill set published by the World Economic Forum (WEF). Equipping children with the 21 century skills is building the better and more sustainable future of tomorrow.

Cognitive and Creative Development
We believe that child's cognitive development should be nourished with an appropriate doze of thinking stimulation and problem solving projects, such as maths, geometry, languages, and abstract thinking cases being coached (rather than taught) through the innovative pedagogical approaches. We see art and creativity as a vital need of any child, as a mean to express oneself, leave one's print, and convey one's message, therefore, we apply art therapeutic techniques to open this door together with each and every child to the colourful world of imagination.
Parent Involvement 
We believe that child-parent attachment is of paramount importance in child's life, thus, parent involvement in school fosters a child's sense of self-worth and security, and strengthens parenting skills. We value the importance of family and aspire to build a solid family-school-child 'ecosystem' instead of forming two separate worlds. As the parents and teacher work together to build trust and confidence in the children, a strong future is gained for your child and our community at large.

Montessori Basis

We are all inspired by Montessori approach and her long-sighted vision of the optimal developmental path of a child given the sensitive periods are respected, the needs are met, and the individualised learning is taking place. We just do it outside the classroom.

There is an opinion that had Dr. Maria Montessori 'been alive today she would have embraced Forest School with enthusiasm'.