BOIS Nature Club

BOIS Nature club is a new project of our team trying to connect as many children to nature as possible outside the BOIS school. We are happy to launch this after-school activity and to meet new young explorers between 2.5 to 7 years old who enjoy running, climbing trees, watching the insects, making art, discovering the living beings, and caring for the planet. We nourish a child's empathy towards others and self-connectedness through supporting them to express their play personalities. During the Nature Club session we move, sense, read and retell stories, discover natural heritage, and play. Having a safe space and diverse natural environment to express themselves, children grow up in harmony with their needs and interests to become responsible and confident earthlings. 
The activities are mostly in English and include among other the following: free play, identifying trees, treasure hunts, art crafts projects, discovering the life cycles, story reading, tinkering, role-playing, gross-motor games, quests, bird watching, hugging trees, recycling art, rope walking, project-based learning activities where a group of kids pursue an answer to their question through applied research, studying insects, and potentially some gardening towards spring. 

BOIS Nature Club works every Wednesdays @ 13.00 - 17.00 in Park de Roodebeek. 

We ensure a good educator per children ration (smaller groups) as well as we provide the outdoor training to every educator working with us. As a not-for-profit we rely on your support to sustain this beautiful project.

There are 37 sessions per year. Subscription is possible for the full year (1400 EUR) or by trimester (630 EUR). 
We offer special discount for children subscribed to BOIS as well as for siblings.


BOIS Wednesday Nature club is a 4-hour outdoor adventure every week!