In order to test the pedagogical programme we launched a pilot project in 2017 called: “Brussels Outdoor School (BOS)”. The programme is a new holistic project anchored in the principles of Forest School and inspired by Montessori approach to the child. The programme is designed to develop emotional, personal and social skills as well as introducing and understanding the natural world in a peaceful environment. BOIS is a bilingual  programme. It develops children’s skills in a fun, enjoyable and inspiring way and encourages them to have as much outdoor play in the fresh air as possible. 

The pilot project was set up to conduct a research on the method effectiveness.  Now the primary research phase is finilized and we are ready to launch the real full-time school: Bessonova Outdoor Immersion School.

Key Features
  • Up to 70% time outdoor

  • 1 weekday,  from January 2018 to June 2019

  • Bilingual: French and Dutch

  • 2 educators per 18 children

  • Mixed-aged group 3-5 y.o.

  • Day nap / quiet time

  • Inclusion of children with special needs (up to 25% in the group)

  • Free play and child-led learning (Montessori basis)

  • Whole-brain and multiple intelligence learning model

  • Individualised approach